Change and leadership starts in the space within you.
5th to 12th November 2016 Pemberton, Western Australia.

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Skills to centre yourself and be a powerful presence

There is so much hyper-stimulation in our busy lives, that we can forget how to slow down, be still and use presence and observation for making change. Living good leadership comes from a place deep within ourselves. Leading from within, leading with purpose and being authentic is born from having a strong sense of Self, identity and clear vision.

This requires a gentle acceptance and working through of blocks, that prevent you from fully connecting with Self and purpose.

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This experience is for you if...

You strive and desire an existence that serves others. There are changes in your personal or work life that deserve exploring. You have a vision for change in the workplace, society, in your personal life that requires your best, most clear energy. You value learning, curiosity, energy from others and nature.

The retreat includes; 7 Nights ~ 12 people, Homemade meals ~ prepared by a professional chef, Breathtaking accommodation & secluded wilderness, 48 hours of solitude observing self & nature, 4 days of intense group learning about self.


Discover stillness & relaxation and transform with space for reflection and inquiry


Explore your learning edge, challenging yourself with 48 hours in solitude in nature


Shed what is blocking you from fully delivering your unique contribution to the world - be a leader worth following

What will you take away from attending the retreat?

Develop your powerful presence as a leader: grounded, centred, present and grateful. Understanding of where you are holding onto blocks, internal factors that stifle you such as negative emotions like fear, tensions, worry, doubt, and that sneaky little thing called ego. Release those blocks to allow creativity, unleashing, achieving and flourishing. Let go and surrender to the flow of life, then let in what is emerging for you. Unwind and slow down to natural rhythms to achieve clarity. Tap into neurology to increase inner resourcefulness.

Build bridges over what is perceived as difficult to cause more generative thinking and sense of purpose. Understand leading beyond yourself with the Pro-social leadership model. Rest in the dynamic stillness of nature, regaining your sense of being a co-creative part of the natural world. Revitalise your senses and intuition away from the bombardment of modern life, allowing nature to teach you about complex systems.

This retreat will suit…

Those who are ready to face challenge in order to recognise and extend their own boundaries.

Corporate/Business/Community leaders who are deeply committed to their work and wish to learn how to cultivate the qualities of a change agent.

Those who recognise the importance of inner work in order to be an effective change maker.

People who are curious to explore and be steeped in the wisdom of the natural world.

All packages have the program inclusions. The difference in packages is only the accommodation options. There are 12 places in total. Each option will be updated as they rooms sell out.

Option 1

Own Room & Bathroom

An upgraded suite, includes a bigger room and is a secluded space from the main lodge.

$3,960 p.p - 2 available

Option 2

Own Room & Bathroom

A guest room, private bedroom that is a part of the main lodge, also with own bathroom.

$3,770 p.p - 1 available

Option 3

Own Room & Shared Bathroom

As part of a shared chalet or homestead with private bedroom and shared bathroom.

$3,630 p.p - 6 available

Option 4

Couple Room or Shared Room

Twin Share (2 beds) or Double Share (1 bed for 2 people) and private bathroom.

$3,420 p.p - 6 available

Payment Plans over 4 months are available for individuals and small businesses. When you choose your option a separate email will be sent, setting up your EziDebit payment plan. The total fee will be divided by 4 and set to be debited on an agreed date over four months. Payment plans start when you sign up. Corporate customers will be invoiced the full amount.

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